1. Was #StormSWT the making of rail operator’s social customer care?

    Something amazing happened on Monday. Yes, we were visited by the worst storm to hit these shores since 1987. But even more remarkable, the @SW_Trains Twitter feed was filled with happy tweets. Praise and support for the train operator when trains were at a standstill. As a regular commuter on this train line, I know that this is an unusual state of affairs.

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  2. Brands are becoming social to adapt to people’s new attitudes and behaviour. This means developing meaningful relationships, listening and behaving appropriately.

    This presentation looks in particular at what high perfroming brands on Facebook are doing right. A case study from Social Brands 100 joint number 1 brand for Facebook performance, Appliances Online is included along with Apple Group, an auto dealer doing a good job building a Facebook community.

  3. Buying engagement: fake likes and dodgy endorsements

    Channel 4’s Dispatches has uncovered a number of brands and agencies crossing a line, generating fake likes, followers and views, and using celebrities to endorse products, sometimes for cash and sometimes in exchange for a nice present or two. The programme is currently available to watch on 4OD and well worth it.

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  4. At your service: the importance of social media in customer service

    Commenting on social media and customer service in The Drum: 

    “Brands that have ignored the potential of social media for customer service may have already been left behind. Customers are no longer willing to navigate endless ‘press one for…’ telephone systems or to wait several days for an email. They often want to tweet questions and post complaints on Facebook and they want to be treated in a respectful, transparent, authentic manner.” She suggests that the good news is that scores were generally higher for customer support metrics in Social Brands 100 2013, suggesting that companies do understand the benefits of using social media for customer service. “Getting this aspect of social media right is important for any business but an overly customer service-oriented approach isn’t necessarily going to build a loyal community. For that, a brand needs content – a word that may now be an essential part of ‘buzzword bingo’, but its importance can’t be underestimated. “If a brand can keep customers happy when they’ve got a problem and overlay that with a compelling content strategy rooted in company values, it’ll win fans in the short term but will ultimately build a loyal and engaged community of advocates,” she adds.

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  5. Step off the street(view) and come on in

    Looking for ideas to drive footfall or create a better sense of a place online?

    Inspired after attending one of Google’s Creative Lab Days, our developer team has been playing with some Google technologies. By linking a real Google Streetview panorama into a custom streetview, now anyone can step off Grosvenor Square and ‘visit’ our head office in Southampton. 

    It’s possible to navigate around using a mouse, but in certain versions of Google Chrome, movement between locations (rooms, in this case) can be voice activated. The team also turned the experience into a hide-and-seek game by embedding and anchoring a marker somewhere in the building – an image of a friend when you connect with Facebook.

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  6. Social Brands 100 case study: Kiss FM

    What is it about cats? According to Kiss FM Web Editor Karen Campbell, pictures of cats along with other funny pictures, competitions and funny games and tasks requiring listener response are the most engaging forms of content for its social media community.

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  7. Social Brands 100 →

    Social Brands 100

    Social Brands 100 benchmarks brand performance in social spaces. I project managed the research this year and wrote the majority of the report (with essential insights from data analyst extraordinaire Nick Owen). 

    Sue Evans edited the report and contributed the case studies and Tom Chapman contributed the essay ‘What’s next?’.

  8. Social Brands 100 presentation

    My presentation from the Social Brands 100 launch.

  9. News: Electronic Arts’ game title No. 1 in Social Brands 100 2013

    Video game Battlefield has taken the number one spot in Social Brands 100 – the annual report of brands leading the way in social. The ranking is dominated by the Retail industry this year, making up 25% of the list overall, however Travel brands have made their mark, with four featuring in the top ten.

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  10. News: From ASOS to Waitrose: Retail brands dominate Social Brands 100 shortlist

    Retail brands make up a quarter of this year’s Social Brands 100 shortlist. Brands from sixteen industries appear on the list with Charity, Travel, FMCG and Publishing & Media the most represented after Retail – the same five industries that led the shortlist last year. Over 700 brands from 23 industries were included in Social Brands 100 this year, more than twice that of 2012.

    Congratulations to all of the brands that appear on the shortlist. We’re finding that Social Brands 100 is becoming a tougher competition every year as more companies realise that the key to success in social media is engaging with people in a transparent, authentic and compelling way. Displaying this kind of ‘social brand behaviour’ is still easier said than done for many. 

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